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Order Issues FAQ

Main Order Statuses

Once we receive your payment, your order will go through several steps before being “Shippment”. Please refer to the different order statuses explanation below:

Awaiting Payment

This order status is unpaid. Please feel free to pay for your order as soon as possible. Once we receive your payment, we will process your order.


You have just paid for your order, we will process your order as soon as possible, Please be patient.


An order status of “Processing” means your order has been entered into our system and has been sent to the warehouse to prepare shipment.

The order status will remain as "Processing" until shipment information has been updated from the warehouse.

After you place the order:  if any changes on stock you will receive a notification e-mail from us with an action required. Please check your email timely. 


Your order has been shipped and now is on its way. Please check your order information in your account, and you may track the item online. Also, you can click here to know "How to Track".

Shippment ( Part of All )

We will do partial shipping for your order in the following conditions:

1. Items are from different warehouses.

2. Different preparing time for items.

3. Weight limit of custom or courier, to avoid extra fee.

Note: partial shipping will not charge you extra fee.


You have confirmed receipt of order merchandise. If the goods have not actually been received, please check the order logistics details or contact our customer service. 

Where can I view my order number and check my order status?

1. Sign in your account and find " My Orders".

2. You can see all orders you have previously placed at this page.

Why I did not get a confirmed email about my order?

Normally, an email will be sent to your account email address.

If you did not receive the email:

1. Please check if you loged in the correct Morimiss account, the email is sent to the registered email address.

2. Please check your junk emails.

How do I add or remove items from my order?

Please contact us if the order is in an early stage of processing. We cannot change items after the order shipped.

Why was my order canceled?

Here are the most common reasons for canceling orders:

- Your PayPal account name and address did not match your order's shipping address, and there was no response when we contacted you.

- You placed a flash deal order but did not complete payment within the time limit.

- You placed an order for clearance products but did not complete payment within the 1-2 day time limit.

- You placed an order but did not complete payment within 20 days.

Can I cancel my order?

At this time, you may only cancel an order if the order has not been shipped/assigned a tracking number. Please contact us at first time.

If your order has been shipped/assigned a tracking number, we are not able to accommodate cancellations. Please utilize our Returns process and contact us, we will provided you the return address. Once the returned package is received & processed at our facility, you will be refunded for the order.

Why was my order deleted?

We never delete our customer's order. Maybe you logged in different accounts.

The third-party login account (Facebook, Google) and the account registered on the website are two different accounts. If you place an order on our site, please remember which account you used. If you forget it, you can contact us for more help.

What should I do if I want to change the shipping address?

Please contact us, if the order has not shipped, we will update the address. We cannot change the delivery address after the order ships.

How to write a review?

You can find the purchased items in the order list, and go to the items page with its link click, review and submit at the bottom.

Plus, if we take your review, you will get a 10% COUPON