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Our Brand FAQ


In a realm where dreams and passions intertwine, Morimiss was born from the alchemy of friendship and an unwavering devotion to the art of modest clothing. Within our circle, a harmonious convergence of talents emerged: a visionary designer, two enchanting marketing specialists, and a programming maestro. Together, we embarked on a quest to reimagine the world of fashion.

In this era of swirling trends, the allure of modest apparel engulfed the globe, captivating hearts and spirits. We sensed a collective yearning for a sartorial sanctuary that fused elegance with comfort, transcending fleeting fads. It was then that we knew our journey had found its purpose—to create a clothing line that celebrated modesty, embraced diversity, and defied the bounds of time.

With every stitch, we infused our designs with a touch of magic. The fabrics we selected whispered stories of nature's embrace, while our innovative silhouettes caressed the body in a dance of grace and freedom.

Morimiss is not merely a brand; it is an invitation to weave your own narrative of style and empowerment. Step into our realm, where imagination blooms, and boundaries dissolve. Let us embark on this extraordinary journey together, where modesty becomes an exquisite form of art, and the spirit of fashion whispers the secrets of your soul.

Loose fit is comfy

We are committed to changing the clothing industry — make good combination of comfort and fashion, and create a system of dressing that is simple, unique and functional.

Fabric focus on sustainability

We are committed to changing the women’s lives — provide well-made, organic, sustainable, environmentally-friendly and affordable clothes that is not limited by any statures.


Comfortable. Timeless.Trendy. Sustainable.