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Dropshipping Program

What is Dropshipping Program?

Want to make money at spare time? Want to start a business but don’t want to hold stock? Morimiss, as a dropshipping supplier, can make that possible by holding the stock for you and shipping it directly to your customers. The following pictures show how it works.


You choose the products from our site and sell to your customer on your own store/ SNS platform.


We ship our products directly to your customers.


You keep the profit between the price difference during the transaction


Benefits of Dropshipping

  • No Commission
  • Professional Product Descriptions
  • 10% Dropship Discount
  • No Minimum Order Restriction
  • No Need for Your Own Warehouse Storage, Inventory or Shipping
  • Focus on Selling and Gain Profit


How to Be a Dropshipper

Simply register an account with us at the Morimiss website. Afterwards, contact us ( cs@morimiss.com ) and let us know how you will work with us and provide an estimate of your sales per month. For example, the total number of orders and also the transaction value. We will review the information and contact you when you have been approved as a DVIP customer. You will then be able to get dropshipping prices.


1.If you are a new dropshipping customer with us, we may need to email or phone you to conduct verification checks before processing the order. We apologize for the slight delay that this can sometimes cause, however our first priority is to protect our customers from fraud with our security measures.

2.We never include morimiss.com promotional materials or invoices featuring our name in the packages dispatched to your customers. morimiss.com employs various methods designed to protect the true source of the goods, along with the price that you, as the vendor, paid for them. This helps to protect our business relationship and also ensures customer loyalty from our dropshipping customers.

3.It is your responsibility as the morimiss.com buyer/dropship vendor to be knowledgeable in all tax issues and to inform your own customers relating to these matters. morimiss.com accepts ZERO responsibility for providing tax information or news relevant to individual countries. However, we would be happy to assist you in minimizing the tax burden if you have special packaging or declaration instructions for specific orders.

Happy dropshipping!